What makes Focaccino a top franchising opportunity?

Top-class bakery & coffee franchise business concept with high quality made and value for money food products offered in a clean cut, professional, European style all day modern bakery- coffee shop. We believe in what we promote.

Growing industry and customer base. Specialty in bakery attracts many customer demographics.

Territories open for the right owners. Focused on regional and national growth through both independent & multi-unit franchise owners.

Top quality food products of our daily production and world class coffee and beverages. The best co-concept franchise opportunity, period.

Franchise Support Team in place to help with site selection, training, operations, marketing and planning. Terrific business and operational support from a highly experienced Franchise Support Team with original company founder still leading the company daily.

Operations, Training and Franchise

We not only own the franchise, we own and run stores. We run them profitably. We are able to do that because we know through experience what works and what doesn't.

We've made the mistakes, corrected them, tested the theories and put into practice what we preach every day in our own stores and throughout the system. And this is what we still do.

The Operations team provides the hands-on business experience that helps franchisees understand how to implement a cost-effective program in their stores by monitoring cost of goods, labor costs, equipment maintenance and hiring solid managers and personable barista team members.

Every franchisee and his or her store manager spends two weeks at the home offices and in a store going through a structured training course that includes product preparation, personnel development and store operations. In addition, our training team spends the opening day in the stores with the manager and barista team. The goal is to ensure that food products & drinks are made to our standards and that the people who prepare those provide the amazing experience customers will share with others.

Creating New Franchise Location Awareness through Marketing

Long before a new Focaccino Franchise location opens, the marketing team is creating awareness about the store with banners, social media and concentrated publicity. Once it's open, strategic and focused grand opening campaigns are implemented and are designed to create an instant customer base in the surrounding area.

The whole focus of marketing is to drive traffic to the stores. This is accomplished through on-site marketing, targeted direct mail programs and campaigns that are designed to bring in customers and keep them coming back. Campaigns are carefully tied together so that, regardless of where a customer learns of Focaccino, the message is the same.

Control of Franchise Products & Distribution

Early on in the franchising process, it became apparent that controlling products and distribution would be integral to the success of the entire Focaccino franchise. This created control over product quality, pricing and timely/consistent delivery to the stores.

Franchise Support Continues Beyond Opening Week Franchisees always have access to the Franchise Support Team for ongoing training, questions and advice. Often franchise meetings give franchisees and their management teams the opportunity to learn about new programs, sample products, receive training and share information.

Marketing communications are constant, training tips and videos are made available, and information is consistently shared with managers and their teams to help them grow and, just as importantly, allow franchise owners the time to focus on opening other locations.

Is owning a Focaccino franchise in your future?

Easy to operate.

Location selection assistance.

Comprehensive training program.

Successful and proven local marketing programs.

Guaranteed low pricing on products.

Free delivery of products to any Focaccino location.

Trustworthy network of suppliers, exclusive long term cooperations.

Business integrity in everything we do.

General benefits of owning a franchise purchased from a well-established company

Instant brand recognition. You benefit from regional, and local marketing campaigns and realized brand equity.

Established operational systems. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Business models offer complete packages.

Buying power. Established relationships with suppliers. Both Local & National distribution network.

On-going support. Lots of help starting your business and running it afterwards.

Built-in network. Benefit from other franchisees from whom you can learn and share.

Equal interest in YOUR success. You are just as important to the franchisor's success as they are to yours. We share the same vision with you. We are "All for One, One for All". Only when working as a team with professionalism, promptness and trust we can succeed.

Advantages of Focaccino Store Model

Top quality handmade bakery and food products, smoothies, pastries, sandwiches, traditional savory pies, focaccias, breakfast combinations served in a world-class walk- in building.

Optimization of sales.

Engineered for optimal customer flow to common pay point.

Cross marketing and branding.

Our experienced Focaccino leadership team will assist you in every step you make & will do its best to guarantee the maximum guest count and incoming revenue.

Built up of Focaccino ambience, full guidance in material supplies, kitchen logistics, customer seating, both interior design and operational framework.

Detailed & full Focaccino construction design

Focaccino construction and development experts will be fully supportive and present throughout the entire process for every need, challenge, adjustment or difficulty that may occur until the precise application of plans and designs are fully complied to master guidelines.

Staff Training

We have developed specific training manuals, in order to ensure the preservation of quality of our products and a continuing further education of our members of staff.

When elaborating the manuals, we could draw on the profound experience of our employees, on extern consultant knowledge and on the support of the lobby group.

In the context of training, specific attention has been directed to the area of service and in dealing with customers, alongside merchandise knowledge and the preparation of goods. Complying with the intense service character of European standard similar businesses, friendliness and cleanness have top-priority for all employees. The conveyance of knowledge on the preparation of our core-food products of our home production, as well as our coffee, is an integrative component of our training plan for employees. For this purpose, we have developed a training manual on food preparation and beverages, which retains the way of preparation, recipes and compulsory arrangement suggestions for all products we offer in our stores.

We have elaborated a Quality Assurance Manual for all employees and locations, in order to maintain the quality standards of offered goods and performances.

The store managers on duty and, in further consequence, the national operative area manager are in charge of supervision. All points are evaluated, using the Quality Assurance Report, and thus, facilitate the compilation of a ranking of employees and locations. Education and training of employees is rounded off by training on a regular basis with specifically appointed experts

More Specifically Focaccino franchise training program is divided in 3 stages

During the store design and construction process

1 This training is addressed to senior management and shareholders in the areas of kitchen logistics, certified suppliers, store operation, human resources management, administration, food cost, financial performance ratios and overall general management strategies.

2 Initiation of staff selection process, through interviews, and evaluation tests hold in our headquarters premises.

After staff selection process final selected staff will be offered systematical training in the areas of

1 Recipes, production methods, product menu items, first materials selection, packaging, machinery operation, hygiene standards under the supervision and upon the guidance of our experts.

2 Customer service, sales techniques, customer objection with the aid of our experienced trainers.

After store opening

1 During a new product presentation, staff and executives are been trained at our premises on the new products, recipes, production method, preparation, packaging and on promotional sales techniques.

2 We offer an ongoing guidance to your executives and shareholders on sales optimization, customer satisfaction leverage, food costs , profit increase within the financial performance ratio analysis.

3 Unexpected visits on site of our executives in order to reassure the proper and smooth store operation, product quality, customer service and hygiene standards are all in place.

Available markets

Focaccino has currently 8 locations open operating in Greece including 1 Master Franchise in Thessalonica. Focaccino is expanding with an active focus in Attica region. However , Focaccino expects to boast a national presence in the specialty bakery & coffee industry within 3 years.

Therefore, franchising opportunities and new store development in all states warrants an immediate conversation.

With distribution and franchisee support systems already established for a national business model, Focaccino, a future industry leader, is seeking both individuals & multi-unit franchisees in large to mid-size markets coast to coast. Please contact us for additional information on available markets.

Wanted Partner Profile

All entrepreneurs, who have a modicum of love for high-quality food products & coffee, qualify as future franchise holders of Focaccino, and ideally feature following characteristics:

Readiness to work independently.

Ongoing further education.

Takeover of responsibility.

Ability to lead and motivate.

High willingness of service.

Communication skills.

Business comprehension.

High level of customer focus.

Readiness to share experiences.

Is a Focaccino Franchise Right for You?

Focaccino is looking for business minded men and women who are interested in establishing a business relationship with a growing company that values integrity, leadership, quality, excellence and passion for what we do. We're seeking both multi-unit & individual franchisees who have the following:

Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Desire to be a part of an organization that inspires growth and success.

Financial Strength.

Interest in opening multiple stores.

Business builders are the future of Focaccino's national development.

Appreciation for the consistency and support of a proven system.

Which are the steps to acquire a Focaccino Franchise?

The first step required is to fill in the online form of franchise interest. Right after an internal evaluation follows of the Information submitted and soon you our franchise development manager will contact you to schedule a meeting at our premises.
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