Focaccino Overview

Focaccino is a committed team of talented individuals who provide superior quality handmade pies and bakery, pastries, coffee, and a rich assortment of food products that define modern self service bakery & coffee experience. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with an unparalleled product and experience. Our talented team of bakery and pastry chefs use the purist of ingredients and cutting edge techniques to create a product that is truly superior in quality.

We constantly provide outstanding customer service and believe that customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We are dedicated to provide our family of employees with a respectful and positive work environment where everyone is equal. We think globally and act locally, a fact which is reflected in our values that guide us everyday in everything we do. The traditional bakery house culture is given an innovative, entrepreneur touch and meets the modern "coffee to go" trend. Our goal is to bring these two concepts into harmony as effectively as possible. The "coffee to go" trend is now common in all international markets & has repositioned coffee as a "lifestyle product" and the value of its image has been increased. It was in this context that we developed the Focaccino concept and prepared it for the market. At the centre of this concept is our top-quality exclusive products "pie" and "focaccia" in combination with our carefully selected European "coffee" supported by the development of a young, trendy coffee culture that has been given a wholly new importance.

Our menu is daily and special because we use excellent quality ingredients to make everything from scratch…We have an enthusiastic, smiley, young team of professionals, anticipating to serve you and we appreciate our customers more than anything, as YOU are the backbone of this bakery-cafe. We are so grateful to each of you for your support and for your contribution to our newly established wonderful places!

The Idea

Focaccino stands for an entrepreneurial food & coffee experience in a comfortable atmosphere and see itself as a new interpretation of a combination of "self service bakery" and "coffee to go", started from two male childhood friends, young businessmen, lovers of "traditional Greek pie".

Within their daily busy frustrated life they were searching to indulge themselves to a home made Greek pie similar to the one from their childhood years made by their mothers.

This type of pie they were dreaming of could not be found similar in the market at that time so that was it. The idea was born, the decision has been made and the 1st Focaccino store has been founded in Palaio Faliro. Focaccino's name comes from the latin verb "focus" which defines the "warm" and "baked in oven". Besides its famous handmade pies based on "grandma's recipes", unique tasty hot dogs, exclusive grilled cheese sandwiches with daily baked bread from our bakery chefs, from olive oil made focaccia and a big selection of pastries are offered in our stores in the most competitive prices in the market and a worthwhile experiencing friendly and cozy environment.

The second self owned Focaccino store very soon has followed the 1st in the region of Goudi while currently 8 stores are active in Athens and 1 Master Franchise in Thessalonica while new spots are in progress in different regions in Attica and Thessalonica from friends and trustworthy partners sharing the same vision with us under Franchise scheme.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision
Focaccino will be living proof that caring, integrity, trustworthiness, hard work and innovation at all levels create success.

Our Mission
Our mission is to enhance our customers' eating experience and daily satisfaction. We will do this by providing the highest quality bakery products & coffee at the best possible prices and with the best service possible. We will continuously improve all aspects of our business in order to sustain a long-term success both for our customers and ourselves.

Our Associates are critical to our Success

We are honest, consistent, trustworthy and responsible in the pursuit of our organizational goals and managerial actions.

We cultivate the desire and energy of people to identify with and buy into the success of the organization.

We provide people with opportunities for: achievement, responsibility, recognition, interesting and meaningful work, growth and advancement.

Our food Products and Services drive our growth opportunities

We attract and retain knowledgeable, technically skilled, experienced and capable people.

We offer services and products that are "different" in some special way to increase our competitive advantage.

We invest in new products on an ongoing basis to ensure the company maintains current state-of-the-art products in the marketplace and enhance its competitive advantage.

Our Target group

Everyone is seeking to comfort their daily lives with pure homemade tastes, delicious smells, a fact that lacks nowadays due to our busy schedule and our on going & constant obligations.

Everyone wants to travel back in time in childhood memories were grandma is preparing handmade pie to bring to the family table.

All age groups are able to appreciate the quality of premium coffee and associate lifestyle and relaxation with this natural product, coffee is already a fixed part of our culture and our modern everyday life.

The handmade pies inspired by grandma traditional recipes along with the natural product of coffee that achieved a position as a delicious luxury good, have brought together different cultures and generations. Coffee lovers of all generations and nations will find the optimal ambience for a cozy break within the day with friends or an interesting conversation with colleagues or business partners over an enjoyable homemade meal & a cup of coffee at our shops.

Quality Control

FOCACCINO has set as a primary mission its customer's satisfaction. In sequence, this value is integrated to the greatest extend into the company's foundations, forming its current Vision. Thus, FOCACCINO's Primary objective in the long term is to remain a customer focused company providing its customers strictly with high quality products that meet the criteria along with quality specifications and procedures that comply with up to date relevant legislative and regulatory mechanisms.

Furthermore, we have implemented qualitative procedures that facilitated FOCACCINO to filter and in turn select among qualified and certified suppliers. Consequently, our value chain that is comprised of certified suppliers in terms of raw material and packaging condition, warehousing, production line; transportation and consumption, that are subjected strictly to international regulatory practices.

In addition, FOCACCINO is investing both in Continuous Improvement and workforce training so as to develop efficiently but also to maintain and manage successfully Quality Control System and Quality Assurance (according to Condex Alimentarius HACCP as defined by the European Regulation 852/2004, article 5) according to which FOCACCINO assures that its production line from the ground up is subjected to standards and specifications that are determined by European and National Legislation.

HACCP comprises a powerful tool for deploying techniques such as Hazard assessment, tracking and documentation of Critical Points that facilitate the establishment of such a system that monitors and assures that the final product is ready for consumption. It is vital to mention that FOCACCINO is environmentally friendly and tries to integrate techniques and procedures that will not affect our Environment.

FOCACCINO's specialized Food Safety team, in collaboration with external consultants is responsible for developing and applying such a sustainable Quality Control System to the greatest extent. We are at your disposal so as to address any questions that occur.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We make daily efforts to be responsible and to actively contribute to community.We propose to our partners to offer the products at the end of the day to people in need and community services. We are fully supporters of social contribution a fact that reflects us in our day to day business. One of our commitments is:

Focaccino supports Paidopoli "Agios Andreas"

Paidopoli "Agios Andreas" is active in the field of Child Protection, the generated project includes hospitality, education, entertainment of children 3-12 years old, proven to be unprotected and deprived of family care.

The objectives of Paidopoli include the preparation of minors for their smooth integration into the wider society, either by returning them to their natural environment or their placement in foster care and also whether their profile and conditions are sufficient for adoption. Paidopolis acts as a family external Care Unit for children from 3 to 12 years old and can accommodate up to thirty-two children.

Supports and cooperates with the biological parents of children, hosts and trys if special circumstances allow to reunite the children with their biological family.

Implements and monitors the Foster Care program supporting foster families and children, providing counseling, paying the monthly financial aid and any possible help. Several times families are supported when prompted, and proceed in the adoption of children, always with their consent.

Paidopolis collaborates with all stakeholders (governmental or otherwise), or individuals in order to enrich its activities and philanthropist work.

Career @ Focaccino

As our customer's needs constantly increase, as the trends in our market constantly vary, as our customer database systematically increases we have as a result a dramatic increase of our retail chain. A fact that results in the increase of our needs for personnel. We wish to grow together.

In case of interest of cooperation kindly send your application at our headquarters stating the area and position of your preference

To the attention of the Human Resources Department

32 Posidonos Avenue
175 61 Palaio Faliro, Athens, Greece
t: (+30) 210 9843310, f: (+30) 210 9843315
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